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Under the term of agreement, you will be required to confirm that you are hosting the deaf social at any place. Your request will be removed after three months if the webmaster has not received any confirmation from you. The process to submit the new event will take up to a month. Remember that your event cannot be changed until after six months of posting the event. We will provide you with access to the account, which will allow you to post your comment on your own event.

NOTE: We will send you an e-mail that you WILL BE REQUIRED to respond to and verify that you are hosting the event. If we do not hear any response from you after three months, your request of adding the new event will not be submitted into Deaf Coffee Chat for the failure of responding the verification

*** It may be in your SPAM inbox, please check it out and add our email address your listing. So you will not miss our confirm for any further. Thank you! ***