About Deaf Chat Coffee

Deaf Chat Coffee is for enjoyable, family-oriented, smoking-free fun!! It is closer to your home at any of our many sites! There is no charge for admission and you are not required to purchase anything at coffee shop. However we do encourage you to buy something at their shop. They always will appreciate our business.

We are a site dedicated to providing information about coffee social events across the USA! Please share Deaf Chat Coffee with your friends, co-workers and family members! This is a great get-together event also for ASL students to come and learn while meeting people. You simply can tell them to visit us at our website – which you are at now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deaf Chat coffee?
The Deaf community usually got together at many different places for years. The types of places varied – they’d go to a mall, restaurant, bar, you name it. Some would do get-togethers at deaf clubs. All that changed a few years ago. People saw coffee shops as a relaxing, comfortable place to meet and chat and proceeded to set up deaf socials nationwide.

Why are we doing it?
We felt it is necessary to maintain a point of reference for all Deaf Chat Coffee socials so that anybody could keep up to date from anywhere. It makes it easier for anybody to find the sites or the dates for meeting when they forget. Also it is a good way to meet new friends especially if you go out-of-state! It is especially popular for out-of-state Deaf people to meet new friends when they visit town.

Can we put another social that is not a coffee shop oriented place on your website?
We will not support those socials at this time but we may reconsider this in the future.

Can we have a social at an independent local coffee shop or another chain instead of Starbucks and Tim Hortons?
Yes, it’s no problem. We support all coffee shops! The independents have it the best, since they have more stuff like a band playing or other things of interest. So bring them on!

Is it hard to start up a Deaf Chat Coffee social on my own near my location?
No, it is very easy. There’s no procedures or requirements at all, really.

  • Look up any local coffee place on website or yellow pages. Or, if you noticed one near your home, find information about it by checking it out.
  • Decide which schedule you want to follow for hosting the Deaf Chat Coffee social — once a month (3rd Friday, 4th Saturday or 1st Friday for example). If you want to, make sure it doesn’t conflict with another deaf coffee event or other deaf events nearby.
  • Visit or call their store and ask for the manager. Let them know you are thinking about doing it once a month for a Deaf Chat Coffee social at their store. They usually will be happy to know about it!
  • Go to The Add DCC page and sign up to add your social through our form. We will take care of the rest for adding your event into our database. Please give us up to five working days to put your information on our website.
  • Advertise! It is your responsibility to spread word about this new Deaf Chat Coffee social around your local area. Do word-of-mouth, mailing list, flyers, or other methods to let people know! You are encouraged and permitted to use our cool DeafCoffee.com logo for advertising purposes.

Which state was the first to offer a Deaf Chat Coffee event?
We believe that California was the first state doing Deaf Chat Coffee socials.

Is the DeafCoffee.com website for all of the United States ?
Yes, we support every state in the lower 48 states and Alaska/Hawaii.

Who are the people behind DeafCoffee.com?
Brenden Gilbert, Grant Laird Jr., & Sam Dunn.

When did the website for DeafCoffee.com start?
It began as a website with only 3 coffee places in April, 2003. It has since expanded to 23 states and 72 Deaf Coffee Chat socials as of October 2004!

Who maintains and sponsors the DeafCoffee.com website?
Deaf Network of Texas.

Do you think DeafCoffee.com is hurting local deaf clubs?
We strongly doubt it. In fact it is helping the entire deaf community!

Are you really helping coffee shops and not local deaf community events?
We don’t think that’s what we are doing. Maybe you should consider your own deaf-owned coffee shop business. In fact there’s a couple of deaf-owned coffee shops in other states.

Do we need to notify DeafCoffee.com when we change location or schedule?
Yes! Everyone would appreciate if you keep us up to date at all times. In fact, it is your responsibility to let us know if you decide to change your social to a different place or change the schedule.

Can we talk to people about churches and/or services?
No! Please do not do soliciting or bother people about religions at all. Everyone want to come and enjoy their relaxing moments with everyone else. It is open to everyone, deaf, CODA, hard of hearing, CI, interpreters, ASL students, Cued Speech, SEE, TTY, pen and paper, etc. The point is to have FUN!

Can I make suggestion or feedback on the DeafCoffee.com website?
We would love to hear it your suggestions or feedback! Please contact us at that page!

Do you have a DeafCoffee.com mailing list?
Yes – you can subscribe to it right here in fact! Go to the front page and look on the top left. Fill out what you need to and click Subscribe! Or you can follow us on Twitter.com/DeafCoffee

How do I make change my event on webpage?
Please contact us, must be include the location and e-mail match to the host’s.